tanya“Our Previous IT Support Company Would Not Answer Their Phone When We Called And Showing Up On Site Was ALWAYS An Issue.”

“When we initiated our EMR system our old IT support just could not hold up to the needs of our facility. Our structure is very sophisticated and complex in regards to connecting HL7’s, a fast server system that to date has NEVER been down (unless the power was out) because of redundant hard drives, cloud based EMR and a web-based Patient Portal, 32 desktops and laptops and clinic hours that run from 8AM to 10:30PM seven days a week.

Yes, Quick Compute is more expense than many of the start-up companies or IT places out in our community, but I can say without any reservation or hesitation that Quick Compute has never failed me and instead of putting out fires they keep them from happening.  Quick Compute has been right beside me, advising me of the current regulations, what is needed to keep our data safe and secure and what would work best for the office.  Quick Compute's philosophy is to stop fires before they even start and in today’s medical field you need someone working side-by-side with you that takes stock in your business like it is their own.

Quick Compute staff are always forward thinking and keeping up with the trends of today’s IT world. Most importantly I like the fact that Holly and her team will tell me straight out if what I am asking them to do is within their scope and if for some strange reason it is not they help me find someone to complete the task in question or they research it out and we work together as a team to find the solution. This doesn’t happen very much in the Valley or in business today. I like honest hardworking people and Quick Compute is my one stop shop for IT support and knowledge.

Early on in 2009 Quick Compute designed an intranet system for us that allows me to meet the requirements of OSHA, HIPAA, Texas Workforce Commission and many other agencies by providing my team constant access to up-to-date policies, procedures and links to help them with their day to day work flow and much more. As I am also head of Human Resources this has reduced the number of interruptions to my day because the staff knows anything they need is on our intranet.

Monitoring the network and managing the backups, security and overall network health is such an important and vital part of the role Quick Compute plays here at our facility. Originally the doctor and I did not want to pay for the backup and security that Holly recommended we upgrade to for better protection but we remembered when a Microsoft update pushed to my computer went wrong and I was down for a week. During that week I could not do payroll, pay bills, access my passwords for all the accounts I have to keep up with, provider staff with specific HR information since everything was digital. The list goes on and on but the point of all this is if we would have listened to Holly earlier, that week would never have happened. As a result we followed their recommendations and when a similar issue occurred again Quick Compute had my back and had me up and running, 100% of my information back to its original settings and location.

Computers are a necessary evil and people are using them to attack not only the data you have in them but to destroy your reputation and may even cause so much damage you could lose everything you have worked so hard to make. I know this is a big leap of faith and a huge expense when you are looking at the bottom line but I can assure you that if you choose Quick Compute you will never regret it or be sorry for the decision.”

Tanya Minor, RHIT Clinic Director
Valley Children’s Clinic, PA
Harlingen Family Night Clinic, PA

Ivette Mercado"We are so busy taking care of our patients it is a peace of mind to have somebody taking care of us."

"I will say what I always say:  Excellent customer service is priceless, especially in the Computer World when all your jobs depends on how the performance of our computers, internet and network.

At our practice we are so busy taking care of our patients, taking care of our doctors, supervising employees and overseeing billing so our financials are running smoothly that it is a convenience and a peace of mind to have somebody taking care of all the network monitoring and problems for us.

Now a days with all the government regulations for HIPAA and Meaningful Use, it is good to think that the security part is being taken care of by the expert professionals at Quick Compute."

Ivette Mercado Administrator
Jose Dones, M.D.P.A

Pat De La Rosa"We feel safe knowing an outstanding company like Quick Compute is taking care all of our IT needs."

"I first came across Quick Compute in 2006 when my laptop crashed during tax time and I thought all my data was lost. Thanks to Quick Compute they were able to retrieve all my files.

We became business clients for our dental practice in 2008, and from that time forward we have been very pleased with the integrity and prompt service of this great company.

Holly and her entire team are helpful and courteous. We would highly recommend Quick Compute to handle all your computer needs!"

Patricia De La Rosa Office Manager
Serapio De La Rosa, D.D.S.

Gabi Orosz"Very reliable and quick to respond to our issues."

"Quick Compute has been a great resource for our company. Having offices in San Antonio and in Harlingen it is extremely important to get issues resolved quickly so that operations flow smoothly.

They are very knowledgeable and have been able to resolve all of our issues. I would recommend Quick Compute to anybody with IT issues or needs."

Gabi Orosz Senior VP of Operations
Blue Sky Pediatric Home Health

Judy Quisenberry"We have so few problems now because our systems are being maintained and monitored daily."

"Our companies transitioned from being part of a very sophisticated corporate network system to a standalone system for just our companies. After extensive planning for the switch-over by Quick Compute and our staff, the migration went exactly as planned, on time and on budget with little business interruption.  We were so surprised to have such a seamless transition!   We now have an information and data system that will rival any corporate system at a greatly reduced price.

The monitoring that is being done is behind the scenes, so we really don’t feel it, nor do we have issues with virus or time outs, etc.  I believe that we have so few problems because our systems are being maintained and monitored daily.

Price was not the most important factor for us in choosing our IT Service company.  We wanted to have access to a team that would be quick to answer calls and respond to problems.  The continuous service and the quick response when we have experienced problems has been very important to us.  We appreciate how they’ve been handled thoroughly and quickly."

Judy Quisenberry Director of Grant Programs
The Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation

susie"Price:  One gets what they pay for!"

"We pay the higher price but we get the best possible service, quick and reliable.  We have peace of mind knowing that our data is being well taken care of by professionals.

We have always been satisfied with Quick Compute’s Managed Services program “Velocity Services” and most recently with the installation of a new server and computers. In an organization of 45 computers and 5 servers a complete refresh is not simple but Quick Compute was able to keep production interruption down to about 3 hours total over the entire scope of the project.

With Quick Compute monitoring our network, we have peace of mind knowing that our data is being protected from expensive problems, data breech violations, cyber-attacks, spam, viruses and potential hardware failures.    We would rather pay now than later.

We appreciate Quick Compute, their staff, and all they do for us!"


Susie Almanza Chief Financial Officer
Valley International Cold Storage, LLC

tyler"Quality and dependability of service is key and should have a somewhat higher price associated with it than service from unproven service providers."

"It’s important to look beyond price and look at the qualifications of the vendor and what you’re getting for your money.   Sometimes you can find start-up companies that provide a high level of service for a really good price, but often the level of service or quality of product is not what it should be.  We typically prefer to do business with established, qualified service providers such as Quick Compute because we want dependability of service and for things to be done right.

Quick Compute’s IT consulting services are not cheap, but they are very important for our business.  It can be a big hassle and time commitment to internally deal with computer/network issues even if you have an employee with the technical knowledge needed to deal with these problems.  Having been a customer of Quick Compute’s for over 10 years now I can easily justify paying a flat monthly consulting fee to Quick Compute because it would likely cost us more to hire a full time employee to perform these tasks for us.

I have had nightmares about potential data breeches, massive viruses in our system, cyber-attacks, and losing customer data from our server.  Aside from our employees, our business’ greatest asset is our customers, along with their data that we have stored on our servers.   Given all the threats out there, I view Quick Compute’s monitoring services as being proactive and insuring against these events happening.  If at all possible, we want to prevent any of these things from happening because of the anticipated expenses and loss of time that would result, along with possible customer backlash

It gives me peace of mind to know that Quick Compute is monitoring our network, maintaining data backups, and maintaining anti-virus and spam monitoring software.  And, I know that if we ever do have any major problems under Quick Compute’s watch, that they will step in right away and help us solve the problem."

Tyler Stenseng MWS, MBA, WTS-III General Manager
Culligan Water of the RGV

tomSecuring The Network Should Be One Of The Most Important Reasons For Hiring An IT Professional.”

“Quick Compute’s attention to detail and response time is exceptional. Their technician’s abilities to address and correct the problems associated with a network of 25 plus users are remarkable, and all this is done for a reasonable flat monthly rate. There are no hidden costs. All of our upgrades and repairs have been thoroughly discussed and a fair and reasonable estimate was presented before any work was done.

We originally hired a less expensive IT company than Quick Compute.  When we began experiencing a growth in our IT needs they could not handle the requirements of the change. In fact they were reluctant to move forward with the changes we required. The IT business is moving forward and if the company you hire, because of price or lack of experience or expertise, can’t change with the times and prepare your network for the future then it will cost you more in the long run. Quick Compute has always provided us with excellent service and gone above and beyond expectations to resolve problems. Even those problems caused by our stupid mistakes. Bottom line is “you get what you pay for”.

The inability to secure our network was one of the major issues I had with the original IT company we hired. They did not have the expertise to secure and monitor the network and therefore left us vulnerable.. We had employees utilizing our network for illegal downloads and it was not detected until Quick Compute came on board in 2011. Since employing Quick Compute we have had no issues with security breaches.

In this day and age the company is responsible for the use of the company network. The liability for any illegal or nefarious use of the network resides with the company and its owners/managers. Securing the network should be one of the most important reasons for hiring an IT professional. Quick Compute has done an amazing job securing ours.   Backups and network maintenance were a major headache prior to hiring Quick Compute. We have had system crashes and hardware problems that were recoverable and repairable because of the system maintenance they provide. That service is provided 24/7 which is very important in our case.

Quick Compute is all about customer service! Their knowledge of QuickBooks is exceptional and the ability to pass on that knowledge to our employees is outstanding. The staff at Quick Compute is always available to answer questions and assist in resolving problems enabling our staff to concentrate on delivering water instead of the issues associated with maintaining our network. The Harlingen Irrigation District is extremely pleased with the service we receive from Quick Compute and would recommend them to everyone!”

Tom McLemore General Manager
Harlingen Irrigation District #1

Dee Dee Sisson"Protection Of Customer Privacy Maintained With Confidence."

"Our company, Edwards Furniture Co., Inc., has relied on Quick Compute’s services for over 20 years. Most recently, Holly and her excellent staff have helped us set up and maintain new, updated computer systems at three of our locations across Texas. Because of Quick Compute’s Proactive Support included in our flat monthly billing—monitoring and reporting, Windows updates, and Anti-Virus management—we feel confident that our files and our customers privacy are protected.

If questions arise, Holly is only a phone call or e-mail away. She will even travel on a moment’s notice if needed! We highly recommend the services of Quick Compute."

Dee Dee Sisson Vice President
Edwards Furniture Co., Inc.